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RW specialise in the niche marketplace on SAP, Oracle, Workday and Salesforce side. Our client base is worldwide and many of the positions we fill are exclusively entrusted to us. Among the clients are Consultancies including Tier 1 and End Users.



We concentrate our energy on providing the highest level of service and this usually means we go the extra mile to securing the ideal role for you because we believe you deserve it.



At the core of our values as a consultancy, we place Integrity and understanding as the main drivers.


We always deal with people the way we would like to be dealt with ourselves. That means whenever you have any dealing with us, it will be based on understanding and the utmost integrity.


Without understanding, we would be nowhere. The true mark of any long term beneficial relationship is to understand each other.

This is why, when you work with us, you will experience a genuine mutually beneficial relationship.



All of our staff are trained to always be friendly, approachable – and offer the utmost professional guidance to make sure you benefit from our collaboration. At RW we are so passionate about the best potential opportunity for you so our commitment and dedication match only very few in the World in this niche market.

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